Why support wild-caught

commercial fishing?


We understand that the marine resources that inhabit the pristine waters of our state, belong to all the people of New South Wales.

Being a NSW commercial fishing business, we are entrusted with the privileged role of delivering these natural marine resources to the people of NSW and beyond, in the most sustainable way and to the highest possible standards.

Yamba Wild has been a fast adopter of environmentally sustainable fishing methods, for example evolving technology around by-catch reduction devices that safely release juvenile fish and only retain marine products over greater size and value. Our approach is to make the most efficient and productive use of quota.

We ensure that the impact on the marine environment is minimised.


As an important part of the Australian seafood industry, we are committed to putting the best Australian seafood on your table now and for generations to come. To ensure we do this in ways we are proud of, we promise to:

  • Actively care for Australia's oceans and environment and work with others to do the same

  • Value our people, look after them and keep them safe

  • Respect the seafood we harvest and the wildlife we interact with

  • Be transparent and accountable for our actions

  • Engage with the community and listen to their concerns, and

  • Continually improve our practices.

This is our pledge to you.


We have a responsibility to the ocean creatures and to our customers. We must source products that are sustainable and that will be around for our future generations to enjoy. All of our seafood, whether we are selling fresh, cooked or frozen, is selected for their quality and for their continuous future in our oceans.

Put simply, 'sustainable seafood' is fish or shellfish that reaches our plates with minimal impact upon fish populations or the wider marine environment. It's not just the numbers of fish left in the ocean that matters, it’s the way in which the fish are caught, the impact on the seafloor, other marine wildlife and how fishing affects the healthy and natural functioning of marine ecosystems.

Thankfully, consumer demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly fish products are growing. This is positively impacting the way our fisheries are managed and the way fish are caught.

The above information is sourced from the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Click here to learn more.


The Fisheries Research Development Corporation have reported on the sustainability of the following key NSW commercial species: 


Eastern King Prawns | FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Eastern School Whiting FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Blue Swimmer Crab FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Eastern School Prawns FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Bluespotted Flathead FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Tiger Flathead FRDC Status: SUSTAINABLE IN NSW

Photo Credit: Cassie Matias.

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